This little site produces much more email correspondence than you would expect. Most of it tells me either that I am the savior of the universe or that I am Satan's stupidest disciple and should bathe more frequently. Some of it, however, actually has to do with giclees. I thought that you might want to see this email, which I received in January, 2011, and have reproduced word for word and letter for letter, except for removing the ritual opening and complimentary closing.

I live in Upstate NY and I get a lot of Canadian artists in my store. I recently purchased a Canon ipf8000s 44" Wide Format printer and wanted to start offering canvas prints to people. The first question I was asked is:

"Does your machine produce Giclee prints?"

I laughed and said, "What is a Giclee print?"

The customer thought about it for a moment and said, "They last longer and look more like the originals than inkjet prints do."

I replied, "Most Giclee prints are created by inkjet printers."

She paused and said, "So your machine prints Giclee prints?"

I replied, "No. It produces inkjet prints."

She was confused... and I couldn't stop laughing.

I finally said, "If you want to get a beautiful reprint of your work and you want it to last for a very long time - I'll print you an inkjet print. If you want to call it a Giclee print and impress your friends, I'll charge you double and sell you a Certificate of Authenticity stating that this is a Giclee print with our canvas paper, printer and ink specs - signed by you, the artist."

She said, "I'll take an inkjet print."

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